Hello, we are duds clothing oops! No, we wear duds. Duds is a 16th-century term for ‘clothing or clothes’ an old-school slang. We wish our new streetwear brand will set a new master of trends and kindle with new-age fast fashion.

‘DUDS’ as a word sounds cool, right? So is our apparel a perfect combination
RETRO & QUIRKINESS cocktail together to create LIT, HIGHKEY, AND BOLD outfits to give more of G.O.A.T vibes to your personality.

Give yourselves a chance to stand out. If you have the DRIP, it means you have swag. You are hawt, you are cool, you are on point! Just don’t forget to wear your duds and be on fleek


Old school slang for clothing, our new sustainable streetwear brand, WearDuds is ready to become the main character of your wardrobe.

Amalgamating the trends of contemporary fashion and quirks of the retro era, our apparel brings forth just the right amount of drip to your outfits. 

Combining the best of quality, art, and swag - DUDS clothing is ready to take on the world.


Our designs are created on 100% compact cotton that combines the finest quality of yarns and sinker fabric blended together to create breathable apparel.

Apart from that, Terry Lycra, another premium fabric, is a big feature in our collection. Using the best quality and locally sourced fibers, DUDS clothing offers the most desirable fabric blends.

Our fabrics are known for their good extensively, high durability, and resistance to wear and tear.